About NI911

The North Island 911 Corporation provides an emergency communication link between our citizens and visitors and the emergency responders serving our geographic area.

http://www.ni911.ca/images/photo_home.jpg911 is an easy to remember phone number to use in any EMERGENCY situation. Use it to get emergency assistance from police, fire and/or ambulance personnel.

The initial answering point for public safety 911 calls is E-Comm, which then determines the type of call and transfers the call to RCMP, fire or ambulance. The dispatch centre for the RCMP is located in Courtenay, fire dispatch is located at the #1 fire hall in Campbell River and ambulance dispatch is located in Victoria.

If you have any questions regarding coverage areas or whether you are in a fire protection district, please call your regional district to find out

NI911 Initial emergency call iorg chart